Do you take away the tree branches and wood?

Yes we do take away all tree waste to our tip and this is included within our quoted price.

Are you insured?

Yes we are with 5 million Public Liability for accidental damage and injury.

When is the best time of the year to do tree work?

Most tree work can be carried out year round but certain species are best pruned in Winter (such as London Plane) or from early Summer onwards eg. Birch and Maple.

Should you do work on trees when the leaves have fallen?

This is not necessary and most tree work can be carried out all year round.

Can you do tree work if the weather is bad?

Climbing Tree work and felling of large trees cannot be carried out during high winds, heavy rain and icy conditions. Tree work is normally possible in changeable and showery weather conditions.

Can I cut back my neighbours overhanging trees?

Yes you can do this under Common Law and back to the boundary between the properties. However, it is always best to discuss with your neighbour before doing such work.

Is there a risk if trees are close to the house

Potentially yes, especially from branches directly hitting the fabric of the building. There is also the possibility of damage/injury from hazardous trees and tree roots, which requires assessment on site.

Do I need permission from the Council for tree works?

Yes you do require consent from the Council if the trees are within a Conservation Area or protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

Is the cost of making an application to the Council for tree works included in the price?

Yes it is and providing the instruction for the work is given to Wassells.

How can I pay for the work?

Either by cheque or bank transfer after invoicing or by cash - see next question.

Can I pay cash?

Yes you can and we give a 10% discount on the quoted GROSS price for this facility.

Why Choose Us

We have specialised in pruning & removing trees in gardens and difficult locations for over 30 years.

Fully Insured up to 5 million Public Liability for accidental damage and injury.

Detailed estimation service and waste removal included at no extra cost.

Central London location in Islington.


Fruit tree Winter Pruning: November to March – Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry and Walnut

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"Thank you very much for a job well done."

Helen Goldstein Manager at Park

"We are very pleased with the work."

Josh Simons Manager at Park

"Many thanks for this work which was done speedily, efficiently and very tidily indeed. I am most grateful."

Paul Gerrard Manager at Park